There is a worldwide demand for an increasingly sustainable built environment. This has resulted in the need for a more accurate evaluation of the level of sustainability of construction projects. To do this it involves the development of better measurement and benchmarking methods. One approach is to use a theoretical model to assess construction projects in terms of their sustainable development value (SDV) and sustainable development ability (SDA) for implementation in the project life cycle, where SDA measures the contribution of a project to development sustainability and as a major criterion for assessing its feasibility.This involves the introduction of two major factors concerning technological advancement and changes in people's perceptions.

HQ Solution Environmental Monitoring Solution

Iot & Sensor Based Real-time System Collecting Various Parameters In The Environment To Create A Statistical And Predective Analysis Using Artificial Intelligence For Forecast. The predictive analysis of the monitored parameters is carried out to enable the authorities to predict the weather, pollution level etc. The trend analysis and the algorithm for prediction can help the government authorities and the citizens to take necessary decision in the day to day life, farming, living, disaster evasion, and much more.