Mining & Exploration

About Mining Mining and Exploration

The company entering its global presence in gold mining with a diverse, high-quality portfolio of operations, projects and exploration activities across African continents.

HQ Engineering at a glance

We are one of the leading industry of construction, in India and African regions, participating technology oriented and industrial infrastructures.

We are expanded in mining and exploration area with latest technology of engineering with the environmental protections.

Planning to Listed on the financial institution and stock exchanges

Our presence is in Tanzania, Rwanda, Congo and Chad since decades

A geographically diverse shareholder base includes the world’s largest financial institutions

We are in responsible for the marine including onshore and off shore projects including oil and Gas and cement industry.

Responsible gold miner, in partnerships with host communities and governments – we aim to create value for all our stakeholders over the long term


HQ Solution Environmental Monitoring Solution

Iot & Sensor Based Real-time System Collecting Various Parameters In The Environment To Create A Statistical And Predective Analysis Using Artificial Intelligence For Forecast. The predictive analysis of the monitored parameters is carried out to enable the authorities to predict the weather, pollution level etc. The trend analysis and the algorithm for prediction can help the government authorities and the citizens to take necessary decision in the day to day life, farming, living, disaster evasion, and much more.

Our Operating Procedures Comprehensive Integrated Mines Administration

HQ Using integrated solutions using RFID, GPS and VTS based solutions to enable the mining authorities to keep a vigil at the real-time activities taking place on the site and provide a dashboard for birds-eye view at the total operations.



Five key strategic focus areas have been identified to enable us to deliver on our overall strategic objective – to generate sustained and improved cash flows and returns over the longer term. These strategic areas, which guide decision-making, are aimed at generating increased cash flows; extending mine lives; creating an organic pipeline of economically viable orebodies; and enhancing our licence to operate. The overall aim is creating and preserving value for all our stakeholders

HQ Responsibility Corporate Responsibility

According to HQ, social responsibility and sustainable development go hand in hand with developing a sound business strategy. The HQ sustainable development model was created as part of the HQ strategy and with the aim of helping the company integrate sustainability into the business. It is a reflection of how social considerations are interdependent on economic and environmental considerations in the generation of economic value to stakeholders, while providing broad social benefits to all parties involved. The company operates within a framework of risk management balanced by corporate governance. Managerial integrity makes consistent monitoring and reporting of data pertinent to sustainable development possible while supporting continual improvement. Only through accurately identifying areas of improvement can sustainable development models evolve as part of operational processes.


Our Mission and Vision Mission and Vision

HQ involves focusing on quality growth through strategic leadership by the HQ board. By implementing strategic business plans and approving capital funding the company’s existing portfolio of acquisitions and partnerships is organically grown. By upholding a managerial style of continuous improvement, the company’s day-to-day actions are ensuring sustainable operational efficiency. With a goal of performing below the 50th percentile of the global cost curve, HQ actively keeps costs down. Company operations are supported by a range of predefined values that include: • Making provision for a healthy and safe environment for all HQ employees • Keeping all forms of discrimination away from the workplace • Always aspiring to operational excellence • Implementing practices that improve the lives of local communities in which the company operates • Keeping corporate governance to the highest levels possible • Working with all stakeholders in a responsible manner in terms of social, environmental and economic aspects of the business


People are the foundation of our business. To remain sustainable in the long term, we must clearly exhibit our values in the conduct of our business. This encompasses being accountable for our actions and respecting all stakeholders and the environment. ESG principles are integrated into every aspect of our business.


While we are focused on ensuring the most efficient day-to-day operation of our business, we maintain a close eye on creating a competitive pipeline of long-term opportunities



All spending decisions must be thoroughly scrutinised to ensure they are optimally structured and necessary to fulfil our core business objective



We have a portfolio of assets that must be actively managed to improve the overall mix of our production base as we strive for a competitive valuation as a business.



We must ensure our balance sheet always remains able to meet our core funding needs.