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Commercial buildings, from offices to shopping malls, are undergoing a series of overlapping transitions. The technology that powers them has been changing gradually over the last generation. Tenant and user expectations had also been shifting gradually—and then very suddenly.

The pandemic has changed the way people expect to interact with commercial buildings, and the industry expects these changes to be in place for years to come. Tenants will have different demands and require more carefully controlled management of energy, safety, and environmental systems. To meet these expectations while remaining economically viable, facilities management in commercial buildings must capitalize on cutting-edge technologies.



Responsibilities associated with facility management typically include a wide range of function and support services, including janitorial services; security; property or building management; engineering services; space planning and accounting; mail and messenger services; records management; computing, telecommunications and information systems; safety; and other support duties. It is the job of the facility manager to create an environment that encourages productivity, is safe, is pleasing to clients and customers, meets government mandates, and is efficient.