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Our architectural design is not only artistic impression, it has its own meaning and environment friendly green design. Every part of the building we design is based on astrophysics influences, interactions with human thoughts and the buildings. our continous studying of human interactions with the buildings give you a new experience. feel free to contact us, we help you grow with the world.



HQ Engineering, our team improvement and development through our engineering and managerial skills to implement most advantage techniques of the industry. We are concentrating heavily on the quality of equipment and materials to achieve the supreme result. Present, the company is rich in terms of assets, having amassed a huge fleet of equipments, ranging from excavators, Hitachi, Mixture machine, generator and mobile cranes. The team well experienced in all type of Residential, Industrial, Commercial buildings, Shopping complexes and Industrial parks etc.

Our Principles

HQ Engineering, we believe that our staffs are our most valuable asset. We are proud to have an experienced, knowledgeable and professional staff dedicated to develop the construction industry through our projects. We believe that through constant education and human development we can maintain the highest levels of performance, quality and safety, and build an experienced team for the growth of our business.

Project management is run by a construction experienced project manager. He is tasked with the planning, coordination, budgeting and supervision of the construction project. We have created five principal of construction project management.

  • Building a Great Project Plan.
  • Successful Project & Resource Management.
  • Creating Real-time Budget Accountability.
  • Managing Risk in the Field.
  • Scheduling for Success.
  • Premium Support


HQ Engineering is committed to providing sufficient and appropriate resources to implement and achieve quality objectives within definite program and schedules. The company has planned and developed in conjunction with all management functions, an efficient and effective Quality Assurance System based on the requirements of International standards construction operations and safety; this positively impacts the standards and quality level of our projects. We are proud to be the employer of choice in the construction industry. Our Integrated Management System (IMS) provides us with the required processes, procedures, guidance and control records for managing the project activities of HQ Engineering and its subcontractors. The system is accredited and meets the ISO 9001, IS0 14001 and OHSAS 18001 requirements, it’s constantly updated and improved to meet the business changes, legislative quality and sustainability requirements. As part of our commitment to quality, each project follows a prescribed format to ensure that the key quality controls and measures are in place, well-understood and formally communicated to the project team

  • Planning
  • Procurement
  • Setting Standards
  • Review and Improvement
  • Handover

By working in a systematic way of HQ aims to establish year on year improvement, which results in greater efficiency, better products and a project delivery which far exceeds our customer’s expectations in all respects.

Health, Safety & Environment

Our approach to HSE is based on our attitude of understanding the responsibility that lays on us toward everyone, by sending them home safe.

We are delighted to achieve our goals through:

  • ‘Lead by Example’ attitude, by the involvement of every team member in the safety process, from top management to workers in the field.
  • Focusing on training the employees to approach safety situations.
  • Encouraging employees to be initiatives and take responsibility.
  • Disseminating our HSE policy to all employees and subcontractors.
  • Having a full-time Safety Coordinator in all projects to maintain a safe working environment.
  • Make all required efforts to protect the environment and prevent pollution, minimize the wastage and consumption of materials, and improving efficiency by recycling of wastes.